This is your chance to finally skyrocket your pay-per-click marketing results…

“Six Months From Today, You Could Be Sitting at Your Computer, Counting the Leads and Orders that Flowed into Your Bank Account That Day… Because You FINALLY Discovered How to Dominate the PPC Engines”

…Or you could still be limping along… wishing that your PPC marketing campaigns were doing better, still digging for the truth about how to kick-butt with your PPC marketing!

Important: Read on to discover why outsourcing your PPC marketing is the real secret to crushing your competition, why it could slash your click costs by up to 37% and increase your CTRs by up to 82% — if you’re anything like our average client!

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

I’ll cut right to the chase – this is your chance to get the hand-holding and step-by-step assistance you need to create your own hard-earned success with pay per click marketing!

Before we get into that, I want to tell you about a huge problem you may not even know exists…

Your Google Adwords & Other PPC Accounts Suck!

That’s right… They are sucking money right out of your wallet and into the coffers of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

Even worse, it’s dollars you don’t even realize are being wasted:

$34 a day here, $7 a day there….

Sure, a few dollars here and there is what you blow on an ill-advised stop at McDonald’s, but compound those tiny leaks across several campaigns you’re running, day in and day out…

It adds up to a fortune — thousands of dollars! …

And this happens simply because your PPC accounts aren’t being optimized and maintained on a daily basis!

What you need is an expert to monitor your accounts, and save you from having to “learn the ropes” that are constantly changing with Google Adwords and the other PPC engines.

Heck, I know for a fact that right now, at this very minute, you have keywords that are nothing but a big money drain, sending you hundreds of clicks a day, but zero sales.

You’ve got ads that have measly CTR’s of .45% or .93%… Just a fraction of what they could be!

I could go on and on…

You even may be getting a “decent” return on the money you invest with Adwords, YSM and MSN Adcenter, but

The Leaks ARE There, Slowly But Surely Robbing You…

Over the past 10 years, I’ve quietly and without fanfare racked up a stupendous amount of research and experience using not just Google Adwords, but also Yahoo! Search Marketing, MSN, Kanoodle, FindWhat, 7Search, Sprinks and dozens more…

(In fact, my first PPC experience goes back to 1997 with an account at! Back then, traffic could be had for a penny a click! Ah.. Those were the days!)

NOTE: For most of this letter, we’ll be concentrating on the “800 pound Gorilla” of Pay Per Click Marketing, Google Adwords, but most of what we talk about also applies to Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter.

Adwords Clicks Can Be a Scientific and Methodical Way to Generate Limitless Traffic to Your Site.

It’s ongoing, it’s cheap (if you do it right!) and it converts into sales.

However, IMHO, the best thing about Google Adwords is that it rewards smart advertisers.

Work the System in an Intelligent Way, and it’s Rather Easy to Outperform the Amateurs…. And Trust Me, There are TONS of them on Adwords.

Get it wrong, and you’ll join the endless throngs that throw money down the Google toilet, every single day.

To keep you from this fate, I’ll reveal several critical mistakes that most advertisers make in PPC marketing, and some hints and tips you must be doing to make your Adwords & other PPC ads as profitable as they can be…

How many of these “amateur” mistakes are you making?

Do You Split-Test & Check Your Ads on a Daily Basis? (If Not, You’re Flushing Your Ad Budget Down the Drain!)

I routinely take ads from 1% (or lower) to 4 to 5% click through rate – giving you at least 4 to 5 times the traffic, for the same, or even less, money!

Sometimes, you’ll scratch your head in amazement and what a difference small changes can make – things you’d never know without constant split-testing!

For example, which one of these ads beat the other by 91.5%?

Ad #1   Ad #2
Bronchitis Home Remedy
Stop Coughing Up Phlegm Quickly Using Easy To Follow Home Remedy
  Bronchitis Home Remedy?
Stop Coughing Up Phlegm Quickly Using Easy To Follow Home Remedy

You couldn’t tell any difference between the two ads?

…Ah, but it’s there grasshopper…

The second ad has a question mark “?”, at the end of the title,and the first ad doesn’t.

That’s the ONLY difference…

In a statistically valid test, the first ad got a very respectable 1.53% Click through rate (CTR).

Would you have been satisfied? I hope not….

…Because the second ad — with the addition of the question mark — blew that out of the water, and achieved a 2.93% click through rate — that’s an improvement of 91.5%!

If you’re not testing, and testing every single day, you’re missing out on quick and easy “tweaks” like this!

In my system, every single one of your ads is checked every single day, and replaced just a quickly as the test is done.

Think about how powerful this is…

Regardless of how many hundreds of ads you have, every single one of them should be tested daily!

Do You Take Advantage of the “Undisclosed Feature” Inside of Adwords Used by the “Big Boys” like eBay and Amazon?

Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to have a targeted, relevant ad for every keyword they bid on?

In Adwords, relevance is KING, so the more relevant you can make your ads, the more your CTR’s skyrocket.

This little “trick” increases click throughs to astronomical proportions, heck, I’ve got one keyword that hits an ongoing 31% CTR

It’s not a “cure all” and it’s not something that you’ll end up using forever, but it’s an incredibly powerful way to launch a new campaign, without going through the pain of starting out with minuscule CTR’s.

If you’re not using a feature called “Dynamic Keywords”, you’re working waaaaay to hard on your Adwords account!

Do You Ethically “Swipe” Your Competitors Keywords and Copy Their Work & Research?

I have special resources, not available to the public, for keyword research.

Tools that do the seemingly impossible task of revealing exactly what keywords your competitors are already advertising on!

Tools that ferret out synonyms, misspellings, and other crazy keyword combinations that you’d never think of in a million years.

Give me 2 hours to put in a little “elbow grease”, and I can often take a list of 50 keywords and turn it into 1,500 to 2,500!

It takes a little time, but oh boy, is it worth it!

Do You Only Use “Broad Match” Keywords? If You’re Not Using “Phrase” or “Exact” Match, You’ve Virtually Given Google a License to Waste Your Money!

Does your keyword list look like something like this:

  • snowboarding
  • snowboarding boots
  • snowboarding bindings
  • snowboards

…or does it look more like this:

  • snowboarding
  • snowboarding boots
  • snowboarding bindings
  • snowboards
  • “snowboarding”
  • “snowboarding boots”
  • “snowboarding bindings”
  • “snowboards”
  • [snowboarding]
  • [snowboarding boots]
  • [snowboarding bindings]
  • [snowboards]

If you’re not using phrase match (quotes) or exact match (brackets), you’re in for a real treat…

Just implementing this will astound you with the traffic you’ve been missing!

Recently, after having conversations with numerous people about their woeful results with Adwords, I’ve cleared some time from schedule to help out a few select clients, by directly managing their Adwords accounts.

Now, it won’t be cheap, but for the right people, it’s a no- brainer investment, one that is recouped almost immediately by increased sales and decreased click costs.

Remember the headline of this page? After going through my recent stats, I’ve boiled down my results with managing client accounts to these 2 figures:

  • My average client decreases click costs by 47%
  • My average client increases their CTR by 92%

That’s the average of all clients that I’ve worked with for at least 3 months, your campaign could be better or worse.

…But the numbers are revealing, we can help most people squeeze waaay more clicks and profits out of what they’re already spending!

I’m Limiting This Offer to Only 20 New Client Accounts This Month, No More!

Here’s who should not purchase this service:

Arrow…If You Have a Product That Nobody Wants to Buy

Arrow…If You Haven’t Made Your First Sale Online

Arrow…If You Can’t Tell Me Your Website’s Conversion Rate

If you fit into one of the above categories, your order will be cancelled, and your money refunded. This service isn’t for newbies or business owners that don’t know their marketing metrics!

Here’s the offer…

Unlike Other PPC Management Services Out There, I’m Not Going to Charge an Outrageous $10,000 Setup Fee & and There is Zero Long-Term Commitment.*…

*We do ask you to commit to seriously trying out the service for at least 2 months however — so that we can see real progress.

Like I said before, because of the massive amount of time it takes to setup your accounts properly , following our method, I can only take on 20 accounts each month.

We charge a minimal flat rate $1,999 setup fee, whether you only have a few hundred keywords in one campaign, or whether you have 200,000 keywords in several accounts.

After you’re setup, we charge on a monthly basis, on a percentage of what you spend in the PPC engines:

All accounts get:

  • Complete setup (or overhaul and optimization) of your current accounts on Google Adwords, and after your Adwords account is performing, MSN Adcenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing.
  • Up to 20 hours of maintenance a month from myself and my in-house team. (On our “Level One” Plan that comes to a paltry $25 an hour, you probably pay your plumber more than that!)
  • Daily automated bid optimization, based on what your goals of what you’re willing to pay to make a sale, or get a lead.
  • Daily split testing & copywriting, on every ad, in every adgroup in your Adwords account.
  • Weekly content network bid optimization, again based on what you’re willing to spend to make a sale or get a lead.
  • Weekly personalized, detailed progress updates by email about what was worked on that week, and what’s scheduled to be done the next weeks.
  • Weekly keyword deletion strategies to remove non-performing, or poorly performing keywords from your accounts.
  • Monthly keyword expansion through our proprietary keyword acquisition strategy.

On an ongoing monthly basis, you pay only:

Level One: $499 if your monthly PPC spending is up $6,600

Level Two: $999 if your monthly PPC spending is up $13,200

Level Three: $1,999 if your monthly PPC spending is up $26,400

110%, Better than Risk-Free “I’ll Pay You if You’re Not Totally Delighted” Gurantee:

If we accept you as a client (which isn’t a sure thing, see step #2 below), we’re extremely confident that we can get you the jaw-dropping results that you’re after from your PPC marketing.

In fact, we’re so sure that we can deliver, that at the end of the first 30 days, if you’re not jumping with joy over the first changes and improvements we’ve made to your Adwords and other PPC accounts, we’ll refund your entire $1,999 setup fee and promptly send you $100 cash, as a “thank you” for giving us a try.

We take all the risk, you take none, to prove to you that we’re the only choice when it comes to outsourcing your Adwords and PPC management!

How gutsy is that guarantee? It makes this offer a “no-brainer” to serious players.

Google doesn’t offer a guarantee. All they guarantee is that you’ll get clicks, and that they’ll bill your credit card.

This is a rare opportunity to have someone else shoulder the risk, in this case, us!

Here’s the steps to take if you’re interested:


Sign Up for the Service by Clicking on the Order Button Below:

Credit Card

Click here to order

By clicking on that link, it will allow you to choose which package level you want, and take you to the secure online shopping cart.

Immediately after that, you’ll get a receipt, and an email from us requesting the necessary info from you so that we can begin preliminary work on your account.

Send us back the details that we ask for as soon as you can!


Within the Next 3 Business Days, We Spend 30 Minutes Together Over Skype

We’ll figure out if what you’re selling is a good fit for Adwords & PPC (and also for me — I don’t sell products that I don’t believe in) and talk over Skype for 30 minutes.

…Even if we ultimately decide not to work with you, you’ll get hundreds of dollars of value, just with what I share with you in our call.

Of course, if either of us decide not to proceed, your initial setup fee of $1,999 will be immediately credited back to your credit card account.


We Research & Setup Your Account and Start Things Rocking & Rolling Within 10 Business Days


To your PPC & Adwords success ;)

Kirt Christensen -

Adwords Qualified Individual

Kirt Christensen

Kirt Christensen

P.S. I’d hate to have to tell you that we’re already booked to capacity for this month… Our 20 spots a month fill up quickly, so join now, this offer will probably fill up within the next few days.

P.P.S. We do offer an affiliate program on this service, only available to past customers and other qualified individuals, click here to get additional information.

P.P.P.S If you’re interested in signing up, but have a question or two, email me directly at my personal account: